SPC 2016… What a long strange trip it’s been.

Ok well maybe not so strange but certainly long… as an aside I can’t really help making music references because I’m a bit of music aficionada to go along with my fanatical sports devotion.  Still when we set out back in 2014 at the urging of our good friend Darryl Deen to update and freshen up our website we certainly didn’t think it would take two years!  Big shout out to the guys at D-Tech Consulting and ShiftSuite for building out our new site and refocusing us to describe and actually put on paper how we see SPC today.

Paj, Colin and I started SPC back in 2003 and thankfully we were able to convince Dre to join us in 2005.  We all can reflect fondly on those early days now and can easily recall the ‘sweat equity’ and the passion we invested to get our vision of a sports injury clinic that would not only care for our physically active patients but that would help them perform whatever it is they wanted to do… better.  Really our notion has always been – what can’t you do? What do you want to do?  Let’s make that happen for you as quickly and safely as possible…

13 years later we have moved on from our original Centre street location, the additional location in Mississauga, the Hwy 7 turf field facility and now are comfortably partnered up with an amazing gym (Vaughan Strength and Conditioning) in our current home.  Paj and Colin have moved on to exciting new opportunities and Dre and I with our SPC family largely intact have totally embraced our simple “why” purpose of… We help people move better.

If you are reading this, we assume you already know SPC has an amazing team that have been with us for much of this journey but we must acknowledge that Mike, Rolland, Doc Su, Andrea, Nik, Una, Jason, Andrew, Sarah, Frank, Rosalind and Atila have certainly all contributed to SPC’s successes.  Of course the most powerful word SPC has in its arsenal is we, as in “WE” collaborate. We work together. We are a family.

While I’ve taken the reigns for this first post, I assure everyone that we will work to continually enhance our website, provide useful links and commit to producing some regular blog entries that further bring together our vision, mission and core values to a cohesive SPC experience.   I remind everyone to take another look at the art work in our waiting room area… this is not a ‘zen’ like tree or an interesting abstract… it is a blown up picture of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). J

The what?!? The NMJ connects the nervous system to the muscular system via synapses between nerve fibers and muscle fibers, also known as muscle cells. The function of the NMJ is to transmit signals from the motor neuron to the skeletal muscle fibre quickly and reliably, to ensure precise control of skeletal muscle contraction and therefore voluntary movement… it is required to help you move yourself.

This is the first of many more entries to come but I sign off with a great Kenneth Cooper quote “we don’t stop exercising because we grow old we grow old when we stop exercising”

Don’t stop believing 😉



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